Anything Tasty: January

Some of you have been asking ‘did you have anything tasty this first month in Oman?’ Yes, indeed. I did.

Moussaka – made by my host, Bernard. With eggplant grown in the garden at the house.

Camel Burger – went to the beach for the holiday on the 14th (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday), and while there, why not try a burger? Made with camel? Well, okay! It was…okay. Looks like mutton. Tastes like mutton.

Juice – From what I gather, Oman’s equivalent of iced tea and coffee is juice. Which I appreciate. Especially lemon-mint and cucumber-mint. Tasty.

“Happy Hour” – No drink/appetizer specials, but it’s hard to beat tea and small plates by the beach after work.

Lebanese Sweets – Found a little bakery that just drew me in. Lots of pastries using dates, nuts, honey, and phyllo dough. The lady in the shop instructed me to come back to try the cheese and pistachio cake…which shouldn’t be a problem.

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